About us

The Need

With the growing spiritual and intellectual challenges of the Muslims community in the United States, there is a strong demand for mentors with formidable Islamic thought - grounded in the Islamic sciences and methodology of research and analysis.  Such mentors need to play a significant role in the development and preservation of Islam in the contemporary era. They will be actively engaged with the community, addressing the intellectual and psycho-spiritual needs of the people. It is this engagement that shall help facilitate the revival of Islam in the hearts and practices of the greater community.  This can only be achieved through a consistent, intensive study of the Islamic primary sources and scholarly tradition. Visit The Islamic Learning Foundation website.

Our Methodology

We believe in multiple learning methods outlined by these three main principles

  • Classroom Instruction - Students shall complete a rigorous course of classroom instruction from our esteemed faculty.  Class will be held Monday through Thursday from 8:30a-3:30p and Friday 8:30a-11:30a. The students will complete a total of 891 hours of classroom instruction.​
  • Skills development workshops -  Students shall complete a number of workshops focused on skills essential for Islamic leadership and community service.  These skills include: Khutbah training, public speaking, project management, and strategic thinking, Prophet leadership, civic engagement, bystander training, methodologies of dawah and outreach, sacred activism and disaster relief management.
  • Practicum experience - Along with the skills development workshops, students will have assigned practicum experiences for on-the-ground mentorship, during which the learned strategies and principles may be applied. These practicums include shadowing local Imam and youth coordinators as well as community activism under the supervision of the leadership within the various projects of Islamic Circle of North America such as: ICNA Relief, GainPeace, The Council for Social Justice, Helping Hand, and Young Muslims.
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